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BioNewsRound Award 2022 - Translational Research

The rationale behind this Award is to recognise and celebrate successes reported in the the past year.

In keeping with the translational research focus of ON Helix, we are looking for entries that have demonstrated success in advancing their programme along the innovation pipeline, be that a new therapeutic, diagnostic or enabling technology.

Submitting your entry as a published press release, announcement or publication from the stated period also recognises that those that communicate their success will have a greater impact in building investor and policymaker confidence in the sector.

Therefore, the judges will select finalists based on three main criteria:

• The impact of the announced subject matter on the organisation’s development
• The significance to the Life Sciences sector as a whole
• The potential benefit to patients

The Process
• Entrants should submit a copy of the announcement, which must have been published between 1 June 2021 and 31 May 2022, along with a covering note explaining how it addresses the above criteria by email to Tony Jones at no later than 17.00 (BST) on 7 June 2022
• Finalists, selected by One Nucleus, will be announced on 9 June 2022 and online voting will be opened
• Online voting will be open to all and shall run until 17.00 (BST) on 6 July 2022
• The winner will be announced during ON Helix Cambridge on 7 July 2022




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