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#coffeebuddies - Life Science Debates

Prof Tony Sedgwick will be moderating a debate on Creative Excitement vs Creative Experience’ - "The debating moderator says this House Believes that to be successful, an innovative start-up needs a balance of creative experience and creative excitement".  

Prof Tony Sedgwick - Moderator and Provocateur 

Team Creative Experience:
Keith Powell, Chairman, Oppliotech
Tom Blackburn, CEO, TP BioVentures
Lubor Gaal, Head of Europe, Locust Walk

Team Creative Excitement: 
Jason Mellad, CEO, Start Codon
James Patterson, Founder, Auxolytic
Rachael Burroughs, Sales Manager, Causaly
Hannah Sore, CEO, Pharmenable 

This event is part of ON Helix fringe events, ON Helix delegates may request a free place to attend, details will be available on the event app once registered.