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ON Helix Keynote Programme 2021 | New Medicines in a Brave New World


Day 1 – A Brave New World

13.15 Welcome from One Nucleus

Jon Green, Chairman One Nucleus - Speaker

13.25 Keynote Presentation - Nurturing Cambridge Life Science Ecosystem

Anthony Browne MP - Speaker

13.45 Keynote Presentation – A Sustainable Ecosystem for Life Science R&D

Penny James, AstraZeneca - Speaker

Insights into what sustainable R&D means for Life Science R&D and the importance of ecosystems to deliver it.    

14.10 Skills, Talents and People in the Future of New Medicines

Tarquin Bennett-Coles, George James - Chair

Rowan Gardner, Precisionlife - Panelist

Rowena Gardner, Microbiotica - Panelist

Jacqui Watson, Inivata - Panelist

Nicole Hamblin, Charles River Laboratories - Panelist

With an industry embracing digitalisation and automation and a workforce expressing an increasing need for purpose, this panel will discuss how the tech convergence and people centricity will meet to develop the future of medicines.  

15:00 Coffee Break

15.20 Future Proofing Research Funding 

Pamela Tranter, UCL - Chair

Bernie Hannigan, Public Health England - Panelist

Peter Jackson, Infex Therapeutics - Panelist

Richard Hebdon, Innovate UK - Panelist

Morag Foreman, Wellcome Trust - Panelist

How to balance Life Science research funding between cutting-edge technologies, short term healthcare needs and economic impact? This panel will discuss this complex question in light of the Covid-19 crisis, its impact on public health and the sector.

16.20 Scaling-up a Biotech Ecosystem

Mike Ward, Clarivate - Chair

Tim Schoen, BioMed Realty - Panelist

James Fry, Mills & Reeve - Panelist

John Baker, Abcam - Panelist

Jeremy Carmichael, Astex Pharmaceuticals - Panelist

Jane Dancer, Independent Consultant - Panelist

A keynote presentation followed by a panel discussion on the Why? Who? and How? of scaling-up a biotech ecosystem.

17.25 Closing Remarks Day 1

17.30 Close

18.30 Biotech Bikers Networking Ride


Day 2 – Innovations and Technologies to Develop New Medicines

08.30 Registration

08.55 Welcome Back

09.00 Keynote Presentation – The Future of Life Science Research 

Ian Charles, Quadram Institute Bioscience - Speaker

Insights into what the future of Life Science research may be in a world that has shown the significance of its impact and the value of its collaboration.  

09.20 mRNA Beyond Vaccine

Tim Luker, Eli Lilly - Chair

Steven Powell, eTheRNA - Panelist

Klaas Zuideveld, versameb - Panelist

Tadas Trunca, Thermo Fisher Scientific - Panelist

Richard Wooster, Translate Bio - Panelist

Dimitrios Goundis, Exacis Biotherapeutics - Panelist

A panel discussion with key developers of mRNA technologies to review its accelerated recent development and impact on other therapeutic areas

10.15 Coffee Break

10.30 Leveraging all of Life Sciences for a Better Healthcare Future

Nadia Shivji-Brown, Public Health England - Chair

Leanne Williams, Leaf Expressions Systems - Speaker

Benjamina Bollag, Higher Steaks - Speaker

Sophie Vaud, Colorifix - Speaker

Presentations on how areas like agribiotech or synthetic biology could contribute to develop better medicines with both their science and approach.  

11.30 The Future of Drug Discovery

Suzanne Dilly, ValiRx - Chair

Ajay Mistry, Oppilotech - Speaker

Martin-Immanuel Bittner, Arctoris - Speaker

Kam Dhaliwal, - Speaker

Presentations on exciting technology innovations bringing solutions to the current drug discovery challenges.

12.30 Lunch

13.00 The Lunch Discussion - Bridging the Gap - Between Innovation and the Patient 

Marcin Mankowski, tranScrip - Chair

Wills Hughes-Wilson, Mereo BioPharma - Panelist

Sandy Douglas, Jenner Institute - Panelist

Nicholas Johnson, Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult

Gilbert Wagener, Ixaka

14.05 Biotech Rising Stars

A dedicated pitching session for the Biotech Rising Stars of 2021

Mourad Mellal, Catalent Biologics - Chair

Laura Towart, Vivan Therapeutics

Leo Wossnig, Rahko

Robert Neely, Tagomics

Felix Dobbs, Broken String Biosciences

Steve Allen, Depixus

Bakul Gupta, ImmTune Therapies

14.45 Break

15.00 How Timely is Early Detection? 

Tony Jones, One Nucleus - Chair

Robert Osborne, Biofidelity - Panelist

Guy Hill, Trajecture - Panelist

Fiona Marston, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine - Panelist

Stephen Smith, East Kent Hospital NHS University Foundation Trust - Panelist

Duncan Porter, Thermo Fisher Scientific - Panelist

With technology enabling more early detection in various therapeutics area, when is the right time in light of therapeutics options available and healthcare settings 

16.00 Exits and Unicorns - Funding New Medicines in a Brave New World

Alexandra Black, MedCity - Chair

Ross McNaughton, Taylor Wessing - Panelist

Mike Anstey, Cambridge Innovation Capital - Panelist

Sally Ann Forsyth, Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst - Panelist

Laura Segert, EY - Panelist

Eliot Forster - Panelist

17.00 Closing Remarks

17.10 End

Please contact with any questions regarding the 2021 programme

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