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Day One |13 July 2020

12.30  Registration 

13:30  Welcome

13:45  Keynote Speakers
Sustaining a biotech ecosystem - academic and industry perspective.

14.30 Opening panel discussion - Transforming R&D with Patients
The patients we’re all are, are invaluable resources to improve the way we approach R&D. This session should highlight some examples of this and how patients are getting back at the heart of R&D.

Lachlan Hay, Clinuvel

15:30  Tea/Coffee Break

16:00 Transforming Treatments with Diagnostics – Plenary Session
With the promise for earlier interventions and better patients’ segmentation, diagnostics have the potential to disturb the way therapeutics are delivered. This session will showcase three examples of areas where diagnostics can disturb therapeutics.

Lisa Baldwin, CEIDR Innovations

Michael Hornberger, Norwich Medical School, UEA

16:00  Workshop - Supporting Innovation - Funding, Ressources and Collaboration

Richard Hebdon, Innovate UK

17:00  Cambridge Biotech: Back to the Future II

Nick McCooke

Klaus Maisinger, Illumina

18:15  Drinks Reception

19:30 Close


Day Two |14 July 2020

08:30  Registration

08:55  Welcome back

09:00  Keynote speaker
A case study of a successful new modality drug development.

Akshay Vaishnaw, President Research and Development Alnylam

Panel Discussion – The Business Models of Research 
New modalities, sophistication of data health claims, global and more complex markets, pharmas business models are evolving but what about their R&D models? What will be key to lead tomorrow’s therapeutics development? And Importantly who will take the lead? This panel session will discuss some elements of answer on:

  • Strategic approaches in therapeutic areas from niche to cross indications
  • The specialisation in technologies elements and how data is taking a leading role in R&D
  • New modalities development

Jeremy Carmichael, Astex Therapeutics

10:15  Tea/Coffee Break

10:45  Unlocking the Undruggable Space – Plenary Session
A session to review current limitations in targets addressed and presentations on solutions to unlock them.

Benedict Cross, Phoremost

Kamil Tamiola, Peptone

10:45  Workshop - Your preclinical dataset in a nutshell

11:45  Surpassing Current pre-clinical Models – Plenary Session
A session to review the current progresses and limitations of innovative pre-clinical models.

Spencer Thomas, National Physical Laboratory

David Hughes, CN Bio

11:45  Workshop - Multidisciplinarity vs Expertise - the 21st century scientist

12:45 – Lunch

13:45  Manufacturing New Modalities – Plenary Session
A session to review what will be needed to shift paradigm in therapeutics development especially in the cell and gene therapy space

Speaker tbc, Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult

Jason Jones, Oribiotech

13:45  Workshop - Precision Education for Precision Medicine

14:45  Biotech Rising Stars – Plenary Session
Listen to exciting early stage companies and their technology is revolutionising the biotech game.

15:45  Tea/Coffee Break

16:15  Biotech Rising Stars

16.50 Closing Keynote

A review of the main conference discussion and trends to keep an eye on

17.15 Close

Please contact with any questions regarding the 2020 programme