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13 July 

13.00: Welcome Keynotes – Sustaining a Biotech Ecosystem

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13.00 Opening Remarks
by Jon Green, Chair of One Nucleus
13.10 Glenn Crocker, JLL

13.30 Andy Neely, University of Cambridge
13.50 Mike Snowden, AstraZeneca
14.10 Tim Schoen, BioMed Realty

14.40: Transforming R&D with Patients

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The patients we all are, are invaluable resources to improve the way we approach R&D. This session will highlight some examples of this and how patients are being placed at the heart of R&D.


Ron Jortner, Masthead Biosciences


Lachlan Hay, Clinuvel
Emily Crossley, Duchenne UK
Charles Steward, Congenica
Andrew Udell, Calliditas

15.30: The Business Models of Research

New modalities, sophistication of data health claims, global and more complex markets and Pharma business models are evolving but what about their R&D models? What will be key to lead tomorrow’s therapeutics development? And importantly who will take the lead? This panel session will discuss some of the key considerations on:

  • Strategic approaches in therapeutic areas from niche to cross indications
  • The specialisation in technological elements and how data is taking a leading role in R&D
  • New modalities of development


Hanno Ronte, Deloitte


Jeremy Carmichael, Astex Therapeutics
Kath Mackay, Alderley Park
Nicholas Dolman, ThermoFisher
Guy Hill, Trajecture
Letizia Goretti, J&J Innovation

16.30:  Biotech Rising Stars

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Listen to exciting early stage companies and their technology is revolutionising the biotech game. The session will see presentations from the StartCodon, Illumina and Accelerate@Babraham accelerator programmes.

Chair: Jill Reckless, RxCelerate 

Sapan Gandhi, Dristhi Discoveries
Debora Lucarelli, Enhanc3d Genomics
Antoine Espinet, MicrofluidiX
Roman Rothaermel, Neurolytic Healthcare
Timothy Newton, Reflection Therapeutics
Jeroen Verheyen, Semarion
Francesca Crawford, Somaserve
Myriam Ouberai, Spirea

17.30: Biotech & Beers Networking

An informal agenda-free networking session brought by Bionow. 

19.00: End of Day 1 



14 July

Transforming Treatments with Diagnostics

With the promise for earlier interventions and better patients’ segmentation, diagnostics have the potential to disturb the way therapeutics are delivered. This session will showcase three examples of areas where diagnostics can disturb therapeutics.


09.00 The Potential of Diagnostics to Transform Treatments
Lisa Baldwin, CEIDR Innovations

09.20 A Personalised Diagnostic Approach towards Alzheimer's Disease
Michael Hornberger, Norwich Medical School, UEA

09.40 Liquid Biopsy The Critical Importance of Sensitivity
Robert Osborne, Inivata

10.00: Unlocking the Undruggable Space

A session to review current limitations in targets addressed and presentations on solutions to unlock them.


10.00 Drugging the Undruggable with PROTEINi
Benedict Cross, Phoremost

10.20 Disordered State Ensembles through Quadratic Binary Optimisation
Kamil Tamiola, Peptone

10.40 PolyProx Therapeutics: Harnessing the Cellular Quality Control Machinery Nature's Way
Laura Itzhaki, Polyprox

11.00: Surpassing Current Preclinical Models

A session to review the current advances and limitations of innovative pre-clinical models.


11.00 Data Curation and Metrology: Improving the Use of pre-clinical Data
Spencer Thomas, National Physical Laboratory

11.20 Organ-on-chip: Engineering Solutions to preclinical problems
David Hughes, CN Bio

11.40: Manufacturing New Modalities

A session to review what will be needed to shift paradigm in therapeutics development especially in the cell and gene therapy space


11.40 Challenges of Cell and Gene Therapy at Scale
Sharon Brownlow, Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult

12.05 Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing: The Cliff Edge and How to Avoid it?
Jason Jones, Oribiotech

12.30 Univercells' Cost Effective Platform for Viral Production
Jose Castillo, Univercells

13.00Accessing European Investment in a Post Covid-19 World

Chair: Mary Clark, Optimum Strategic Communications


Hakan Goker, M Ventures
Roel Bulthuis, INKEF Capital
Jonathan Tobin, Arix Bioscience
Maina Bahman, Sofinnova Partners


14.00Mobilising the Response to the Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 Outbreak and Spread 


The 2019 novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) outbreak and spread of the associated disease (COVID-19) is a rapidly evolving situation. There is now an urgent imperative for all those involved in academia, clinical research and the healthcare industry to work together in order to help identify, treat and manage COVID-19.

This two hours session will address issues related to diagnostics, treatments, vaccines with key opinion leaders speaker to cover


Alan Palmer, Elixa Mediscience


14.00 Developing Antiviral
Ken Powell, ReViral

14.20 Deploying Testing Capacity
Chris Molloy, Medicines Discovery Catapult

14.40 Digital Health
Andy Richards, Closed Loop Medicine

15.00 Opportunities in drug repurposing
Rachael Brooker, LifeArc 

15.20 Antibody therapeutics
Jane Osbourn, Alchemab Therapeutics

15.40 Journey to a Covid-19 vaccine
Hanneke Schuitemaker, Janssen Pharmaceuticals

 16.00: Closing Keynote Session - A Sustainable Industry

16.00 Alejandra Solache, Vice President New Product Development, Abcam
16.20 Steve Anderson, CSO, Covance
16.40 Akshay Vaishnaw, President Research and Development, Alnylam
17.00 Closing remarks by Tony Jones, CEO One Nucleus

17.15 End

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