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Session 1: Choosing the Right Business Model

Using case study examples, this session will explore what influenced the decisions companies made along their journey.  Companies will present how and why they selected the business model, investments and deals they did, and how those decisions enabled them to grow.  The participants will also discuss an asset-centric as opposed to a pipeline approach, touching on the pros and cons of both.   

Through interactive case study examples and lots of time for Q&A, this session will inform delegates on how to face some of the difficult decisions that are common in this industry.


Session 2: New Technologies in Translational Medicine

The key challenges in the drug discovery and development process at the moment are:

1) The long lag time between target generation and first-in-man studies

2) The large amount of investment required to bring a product to market; and

3) The large attrition rate, only 4% of drug candidates reach the market

To reduce the time and money taken to produce medicines, health care companies, as well as others, are developing new technologies and methods to help streamline the process. This session will explore what new technologies are coming through and what impact they will make on translational medicine.


Session 3: Debate: Do Charities Make the Best Investors?

There is an ongoing debate on where funding for translational research should come from.  The funding landscape is changing, pharmaceutical companies, charities and investors all playing different roles in funding the drug discovery processes.  This session will debate the role of charities in translational research, exploring whether they should be starting investment funds to progress scientific discoveries or staying in their traditional research arena 

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