ON Helix Comms Advisory Panel

Assisting One Nucleus and its Network

Advisory Panel

Life Science expert communicators have been assembled to assist One Nucleus and its network.

A group of Life Science expert communicators has been assembled to assist One Nucleus and its network. Its main goal is to harness the value of a day full of thought-provoking discussions at ON Helix 2023.

ON Helix has assembled thought-leaders from across the Life Sciences sector on an annual basis for many years, to debate key trends, challenges and opportunities arising as the sector evolves. While gathering together such a range of delegates results in new collaborations, deals and ideas, the challenge for any such event is to harness the value of discussions to create a legacy and ultimately associate this with One Nucleus.

Part of that legacy is in wider dissemination of the key messages and expert insights shared at the event and in providing longevity to the innovative ideas that arise. The ambition is to move beyond simply sharing via direct recordings for on-demand viewing, to proactively leveraging the discussions to inform upcoming sessions. Thereby enabling the ON Helix network to develop these ideas further together, as we collectively seek to improve patient outcomes. Meet the expert advisory panel below!

Photo of Dr Lynne Trowbridge

Dr Lynne Trowbridge

Director, Bridgemoore

Senior business communications and marketing advisor, passionate about driving the value of cutting-edge science.

Photo of Pierre Peotta

Pierre Peotta

Senior Communications & Marketing Manager, Cancer Research Horizons

Life sciences communications professional with experience built up across private and public companies.

Photo of Janet Morgan

Janet Morgan

Communications Consultant

An award-winning corporate communications professional, specialising in life sciences and technology.

Photo of Katja Stout

Katja Stout

Managing Partner, Scius Communications

Katja is a communications strategist and entrepreneur with over twenty years of international experience in the life sciences and pharmaceutical industry.